Marvel has a slew of television shows that it has released over the years, from MCU television shows more recently (Wandavision, Loki, Hawkeye, and more) to ABC/Hulu/Netflix shows (Daredevil, Runaways, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) to legacy animation television (Spider-Man, X-Men (1997), and so on) as well as other categories I probably haven't heard of. However, all the shows I've seen with a consistent opening/closing theme (or one changing season-to-season, but not episode-to-episode) - think Hawkeye, Wandavision (closing theme; it's opening one changes episode-to-episode), X-Men, or Runaways - don't have words to them. My question is, is there a Marvel television show or shows that have a theme song that has spoken or sung lyrics, consistently through at least a season or more? Any Marvel show, from any year, qualifies.

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    “Spider-man, spider-man, does whatever a spider can”.
    – Darren
    Aug 11 at 19:43

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Iron Man 1966 is so epic MCU Tony Stark uses it as his cellphone ring tone.


There's various other 1966 cartoons- maybe I'll add later

End Credits (song not video) for all the 1966 cartoons according to IMDB

Spider-Man 1967 also iconic

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    The 1967 Spider-Man cartoon intro is iconic.
    – Machavity
    Aug 11 at 11:40
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    "also iconic"?! ALSO?!
    – Yakk
    Aug 11 at 14:30
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    Huh. I was born around the year these came out, but the only one I'm familiar with is the Spiderman cartoon. Where the heck did the other 2 go?
    – T.E.D.
    Aug 11 at 18:39
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    @T.E.D. I had a friend now deceased (would be about 70 now) who regained all of his marvel #1 issues because when his parents died he found them in a safe. But one of his last purchases was for a 1960s fan club record with the marching theme - the end theme credits for the 66 cartoons. It annoyed him since he was a boy since he sent in cash to join the club and never got anything back. He was able to tell Stan Lee the story about his parents. Aug 11 at 20:35

Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)


Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Radioactive Spider-Man

Spider blood, spider blood,
Radioactive spider blood


Marvel outsourced the show's music to distributors Saban Entertainment, who were also responsible for the music in the concurrent X-Men cartoon airing on Fox Kids. The theme for the series was performed by Joe Perry of the hard rock band Aerosmith, although the song was written by Shuki Levy. Levy, Haim Saban and Udi Harpaz are credited as composers of the orchestral background score.

- "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" Wikipedia article

Spider-Man (1978 Japanese TV series)

Opening theme
  • "Kakero! Spider-Man" (駆けろ!スパイダーマン, Kakero! Supaidāman, Run! Spider-Man)
  • Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
  • Composition & Arrangement: Michiaki Watanabe (listed as Chumei Watanabe)
  • Artist: Yuki Hide

- "Spider-Man (Japanese TV series)" Wikipedia article

Iron Man: The Animated Series (1994)

Season 2 opening theme

The first season's theme song was replaced in the second season by an intense electric guitar theme (composed by William Kevin Anderson), featuring the repeated refrain of "I am Iron Man!", while showing Tony Stark beating red-hot iron plates into shape with a blacksmith's hammer (possibly to mimic the Black Sabbath song "Iron Man").

- "Iron Man: The Animated Series" Wikipedia article

Fantastic Four: The Animated Series (1994)

Season 1 and 2 opening theme

Silver Surfer: The Animated Series (1998)

The title theme music to the animated series had Latin-sounding singing interspersed at ominous points against the instrumental background.

- "Silver Surfer: The Animated Series" TV Tropes article

The Avengers: United They Stand (1999)




Opening theme: "The Avengers: United They Stand" by Sky Flyers

- "The Avengers: United They Stand" Wikipedia article

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

The title sequence for the show was directed by Victor Cook with the theme song written and performed by The Tender Box.

- "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Wikipedia article

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009)

Popular rock band Rooney recorded the theme song to the series.

- "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Wikipedia article

The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

Theme music composer: Parry Gripp, David Ari Leon

- "The Super Hero Squad Show" Wikipedia article

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

Theme music composer: Guy Erez, David Ari Leon
Opening theme: "Fight As One" by Bad City

- "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" Wikipedia article

Spidey and His Amazing Friends (2021)

Patrick Stump, known from the pop punk rock band Fall Out Boy, performed the theme song for the series and is the songwriter and composer. Stump, a longtime Marvel fan, used themes from previous Spider-Man media as inspiration for the series' theme song.

- "Spidey and His Amazing Friends" Wikipedia article

  • Great answer! Seems like you got it pretty well covered. Aug 11 at 14:59
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    Came here just to make sure someone posted EMH. In my house, we don't skip that intro when watching that show. Aug 11 at 18:46
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    @MatthewGreen What does the Emergency Medical Hologram have to do with Marvel TV shows? Aug 11 at 21:16
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    @MasonWheeler that guy just really loved his music. Aug 11 at 21:43
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    Was looking for 'Fight as One'. Great song, wish it had a full length version and wasn't lost to the ages... Aug 12 at 11:32

This one gets my vote for the most metal of Marvel cartoon intros: The 1995 Iron Man cartoon. "I am Iron Man!"

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    I'm guessing some suit demanded "I Am Iron Man" for the intro song, but didn't give them "buy a song from Black Sabbath's record label" $ to do it, so they commissioned this piece and played dumb.
    – T.E.D.
    Aug 12 at 13:14

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