In Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), Aunt May stabs Norman with a green-colored syringe:

GOBLIN: It didn't work. Norman was right. He got it from you, that pathetic sickness.

Who exactly is "you" here?

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The Goblin was looking directly at May when he said that. And it makes sense -- taking into account what he said just a few seconds earlier -- that he was referring to her, since the "pathetic sickness" he apparently had in mind was morality.

GREEN GOBLIN: (growling) Your weakness, Peter, is morality. It's choking you! Can you feel it?!

[May quickly runs towards Osborn and stabs him in the neck with the injector meant to cure him. After letting out a ghastly squawk, he rips it out and throws it to the ground. The antidote wasn't finished]

GREEN GOBLIN: (grunts) It didn't work. Norman was right. He got it from you. [stomping on Peter's chest] That pathetic sickness!

May raised Peter and was responsible, in part or in whole, for instilling within him his sense of morality. Presumably, Uncle Ben also had a role in that, but he wasn't present, and isn't really talked about in the MCU, so the Goblin almost certainly wasn't referring to him.

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