It looked like maybe '90s-2000s. I remember there was a clumsy kid who was supposed to be a chosen one or something and was kinda beamed up into space and met with a princess.

Don't remember what the princess looked like (I think I remember some pink ??), but the kid had glasses, brown hair, I'm pretty sure some bandages and normal looking clothes. At first he declined but I don't remember much past the 1st/2nd episode.

It was the first one I watched and I can't find it.

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    In roughly which year did you actually watch this, and did you see it on TV or online? If on TV, then in which country and language? Aug 14 at 11:17
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    Also, it'd be appreciated if you'd post a comment in this previous question of yours to clarify whether the answer submitted there is correct or incorrect. Aug 14 at 11:21
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    Or better yet, check the check mark on the answer.
    – Spencer
    Aug 14 at 14:10


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