I'm trying to find a short story I read a while ago about people who are unknowingly imprisoned by aliens in some sort of giant dome or underground chamber. They don't realize they are imprisoned until someone finds a crack that leads to the outside world. Most of their fellows don't believe the outside world exists and won't go through the crack, so a few intrepid people exit through the crack and live their lives in the outside world, not realizing that this is just another layer of imprisonment.

If anyone knows the title or has a link, it would be much appreciated!

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Plot, if not all details (no aliens) sounds vaguely like The Starlost--a screenplay and TV series by Harlan Ellison that was novelized as Phoenix Without Ashes by Edward Bryant.

  • Appreciate the reply but that's not it. This is a short story I read some time ago.
    – Jimmy Hots
    Aug 14, 2022 at 19:03

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