I don't remember much of this book because I read it nearly a decade ago, but the protagonist was a man. He was either full elf or half elf. I'm quite certain he possessed a mount that he had a friendship with, and I think there were some dragons or transformation elements. I think it was slightly sexual but not overtly so. It was a free book on an ereader website, some time around 2010? The second book cost money but a chapter or two was available on the author's website as a demo. If anyone has heard of this, please let me know. I know it's a long shot with how little I remember.

  • In Roger Zelazny's *Dilvish, the Damned", the protagonist is a human of elven descent who has a talking mount which was transformed from a demonic creature. It's from 1982, though.
    – LAK
    Aug 18 at 13:37


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