I am looking for an anime in the 80s about a blonde girl who wore a pink dress and she was with a chubby red guy. There was a spaceship that they would travel on. The guy wore a crown. She seemed to control him. And she would cross her arms.

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A possible match is "Starzinger" ("Sci-Fi West Saga Starzinger"), also known as "Spaceketeers" and "Sci-Bots", a series originally aired in 1978 in Japan and then dubbed and broadcast all over the world in the eighties.

The story transposes the "Journey to the West" Chinese novel (which was the source for other animes too, for example the early "Dragonball" and "Saiyuki Reload") in a sci-fi setting.

The blonde girl who wore a pink dress would be Princess Aurora, leader of an expedition across the galaxy to reach the Great King planet and save the universe.

Princess Aurora

The chubby red guy is Jan Kugo (his name is sometimes different in the variuos translated versions), a member of the trio of cyborgs protecting and assisting Princess Aurora in her mission. Just as in your description, he wears a crown (or rather, a gold circlet) which, just like in the original Chinese legend, is used to control him and it activates when Aurora crosses her arms.

Jan Kugo

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