I'm searching for a manhwa in which the female lead (FL) dies and comes back after being stabbed. She has red eyes and her hair looks kinda purple/blue. She has a blonde/ginger sister that is obsessed with family reputation; I think the sister's name is Viat. If I remember correctly, the FL absorbs some sort of red magical stone power and pretends to be clueless to the family, while gathering information. I forgot the name, so if any of you could help I would be very grateful. :)

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This is Helena: Master of the Guardian Stone.

Helena Croisen, bastard child of the family, thought she would finally be acknowledged when the power of the guardian stone manifested in her. Little did she know, a conspiracy was going on behind her back — one that would end with her beloved fiancé stabbing her in the heart. As Helena draws her final breath, a mysterious voice speaks to her. “Do you wish for vengeance?” Next thing she knows, she’s gone back two years in time! Will Helena be able to avoid the same tragic fate this time around?

Promotional art for "Helena: Master of the Guardian Stone."

The female lead, Helena Croisen, is the illegitimate daughter of a deceased marquess. She has blue hair and purple eyes and is stabbed to death by her fiancé, Leonard Osman, in the first chapter, before regressing two years into the past.

She has a half-sister with strawberry blonde hair, whose given name is alternately spelled Byatt or Viatte/Viat, depending on which translation you're looking at. Byatt takes great pride in her family name and seeks to ensure that she, rather than Helena, becomes the next head of the household.

"Helena: Master of the Guardian Stone," chapter 11, page 5-7.

The Croisen family also possesses a red magic stone named the Guardian Stone. In chapter 8, Helena steals it and replaces it with a replica, and in chapter 9, she absorbs it into her body to gain its power.

"Helena: Master of the Guardian Stone," chapter 10, page 4-6.

You can read the full manhwa at Tapas.

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