This is a short story, I think I read it in an anthology of the author's work, possibly.

I don't remember too many details, unfortunately. It had a male character who has the choice to break out of a time loop, but does not do so. In the end of the story, he does the same thing that he always does.

I believe there may have been something about a rocket launch, or a button being pressed, and a telephone call, from a phone booth.

Sorry, this is really vague. I just remember feeling a terrible sense of dread that the character had chosen to make the same decision again, knowingly setting off the loop.

I read it about ten years ago - in English, but I believe it was an older story. I am unsure if English was the original language.

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    How long ago did you read it, and was it old when you read it? And what language did you read it in, and was that the original language or had it been translated? Sep 10 at 5:26
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    @user14111 No, Mugwump 4 is not the story I am looking for. Thanks though!
    – Teeru
    Sep 10 at 23:38

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I found it :)

The story I was looking for is:

"A Little Something for us Tempunauts" by Philip K. Dick.

Thanks all!

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    Good job finding it. Don't forget to mark your answer as accepted by clicking on the check mark beneath the voting buttons, as per the tour. You won't be able to do this until 48 hours after the question was initially posted, though, as the site doesn't allow self-answers to be marked as accepted any earlier than that. Sep 11 at 0:10

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