I have a vague recollection of a short film I think I saw at some point post 2000. It's possible I originally saw it on YouTube.

I believe it was CGI, and the aesthetic in this short film reminds me of it.

It's about someone (a guy?) attempting to defend their home (a flat apartment, I think) from tiny Lemming-like invaders that keep marching, constantly. They may have been aiming to steal something (possibly food, I'm not really sure). I vaguely recall a scene of them marching up the side of a building.

I don't really remember what the invaders looked like except that they were very small.


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I've found what I was looking for! It's a CGI short film called "Night of the Living Dead Pixels", uploaded to YouTube back in 2007.

You can view it here here:

Sadly there's only a low-quality version. It looks like the high-quality version (linked from the video description) has long since disappeared from the internet and is not archived on archive.org as far as I can tell. Still, mystery solved!

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