It was in a collection of Sci-Fi short stories which I lent to a friend and never got back.

It was about a human who somehow became trapped in a muddy cave or beneath the ground. There the man encountered a being that was humanoid, large, and had black skin more like a shiny shell. The most memorable feature of this being was that it was telepathic, it communicated with the man IN CAPITAL LETTERS to signify it was non-verbal communication.

The mental communication hurt the man to receive. It became a sort of mental combat or test the human had to pass before he could be released.

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    Can you give us an estimate of when you read this?
    – Andrew
    Sep 18 at 0:36
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    Was the story set on earth or another planet?
    – user14111
    Sep 18 at 1:01
  • I read it about 2001, 2002. I recall it being set on earth. Thank you!
    – Sam
    Sep 18 at 2:36


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