Thanks to https://scifi.stackexchange.com/a/215914/105070, I reconnected with a hard-to-find, well-loved book from my childhood.

Did Eric Morecambe have any plans for a third book in his The Reluctant Vampire series?
The end of the second book seems to have left open the possibility of a return of the series' main antagonist.

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It appears that Eric Morecambe did indeed have plans for a third vampire book. From the biography Eric Morecambe: Life's Not Hollywood It's Cricklewood, written by his son Gary:

EM [Eric Morecambe] wrote two vampire stories for children. The Reluctant Vampire was followed by The Vampire's Revenge, and he'd planned a third title, The Vampire King, which I completed after his death (although it was only ever published in Denmark)

Thanks to google translate, here is a summary of the plot from a Danish library:

The third part of the story about the famous vampire family at Blodborg Castle, which looms ominously on the mountain above the village of Biddem-i-halsen in the small principality of Fangdem. The first two books, The Reluctant Vampire from 1984 and The Vampire's Revenge from 1988, were written by Eric Morecambe. After his death, his son Gary completed this third book. The vampire Vernon returns after being shot into space by a cannon 30 years earlier. All he has in mind is his cruel revenge on those who opposed him back then. We follow him and his opponents during the preparations and execution of a "reconciliation party" at Blodborg Castle. In fact, this is where Vernon will take the final revenge - namely, turning them all into golden statues. However, once again ex-president Valentine, Areta, Egon and Villy Werewolf manage to get rid of Vernon.

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    OMG: I have a new mission in life: to find this almost-certainly-hard-to-find third book in the series!
    – StoneThrow
    Sep 19 at 16:22
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    It's listed in Danish libraries (published in 1997), but you may have to learn Danish to read it ;) Sep 19 at 16:25
  • The good news is a lot of smartphones will (Google) translate it in close to realtime through the camera.
    – FuzzyBoots
    Sep 19 at 18:50

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