At the beginning of the book/movie, before Frodo gets sent to the inn The Prancing Pony, Gandalf says what is etched in the One Ring, at least the Westron translation.

What would have happened if Frodo wore the Ring and spoke those words in the Black Speech?

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    Why do you think anything would happen?
    – Spencer
    Sep 20 at 23:45
  • @Spencer Because in the movie, Gandalf said something like "it's the language of Mordor, that I won't speak here. But it says ...". So I'm basing that something would happen on that phrase. Sep 21 at 7:42
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    Tolkien doesn't mention that it would have any effect on the Ring. Chances are, it wouldn't. The reason Gandalf won't speak the literal words is because the Black Speech is somewhat of a Brown Note, and he admires the naive purity of the Shire.
    – The Daleks
    Sep 21 at 11:38
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    Remember that Gandalf actually recited it in Rivendell at the Council of Elrond. Just to wake everybody up.
    – Spencer
    Sep 21 at 12:33
  • He would have been sent to Isengard lol 2 days ago