Planet earth in this movie is severely overpopulated, and there doesn’t seem to be much of nature left.

Are we being left, at the end of the film, with the impression that humanity is entirely doomed?

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    Their oceans are dead. It's game over. yesterday
  • "The meat is all around us. Tasty meat-Fingers and toes and noses... "
    – Clockwork
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    @DoscoJones - The screenplay would suggest that the oceans are dying, not dead
    – Valorum
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    The funny thing is that the population of the "severely overpopulated" United States of the original Harrison novel, and the population of the world at large, is lower than the actual population of both today. Harrison made some classic Ehrlich errors in his projections.
    – tbrookside
    23 hours ago

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Based on the film's original screenplay, humanity isn't necessarily doomed, but the corruption of the mega-corporations and the intransigence of the Council of Nations (a fictional stand-in for the UN) means that humanity will likely continue down a path that leads to its extinction.

ANGLE TO SOL [He speaks through tears with a broken voice]

SOL: It’s horrible.

THE LEADER: You must accept it.

SOL: [studying a sheaf of papers] I see the words. I can't believe them.

LEADER: Believe. The evidence is overwhelming. Simonson was a member of the Board. He learned these facts and they shook his sanity. The Corporation knew that he had become unreliable, feared that he might talk, and so eliminated him. In a sense he was killed by the horror of what he knew.

#1: The real tragedy is there is still time. Even now.

LEADER: The sea can be revitalized. We can enforce birth control.

SOL [flashing papers in his hand] Then why are they doing this?

LEADER: Because it’s easier. I think expedient is the word. Convenient...practical. What we need is proof of what they're doing before we can bring it to the Council of Nations.

[Sol listens in numbed disbelief to what follows. He's heard this song before. As the conversation continues in b.g., he slowly starts to leave the room, hands papers back to Leader.

#1: If only they'd listen. If only we could break down this insane insistence that regulating the size of a family is irreligious... The Council of Nations still considers it Immoral.

SOL: Dear God.

LEADER: What God, Mr. Roth. Where will we find Him?

SOL: [turning away, mumbling to himself] Perhaps at Home — yes, at Home [he starts to exit]

#2: Klyner's theory -- manipulate the genes! The girl babies, the breeders, they’re the problem. Fix it so that just one out of every thousand births is female and you've eliminated the incubator.

LEADER: And you’ve grown a civilization of homosexuals! No, we must look elsewhere for the answer.

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    “And you’ve grown a civilization of homosexuals! No” — did they not have Queer Eye in that universe? 23 hours ago
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    @PaulD.Waite The timeline deviated much earlier than that x)
    – Clockwork
    23 hours ago

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