From what recall the Main Character (MC) was reincarnated as Mary the daughter of a noble family and has a strong body. She has a maid called Tutte, I think, and she becomes friends with a magician noble girl, a martial arts noble girl, and a martial arts noble boy, and the prince. Things happen and she gets called saintess/ silver or white knight. She gets friendly with a princess from the demon land and the prince's mother. She also rescues a holy beast and the younger sibling of that holy beast. I think that in the last chapter I read, she was visiting a vampire territory because the prince was turned into a girl because of an artifact.

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This is Douyara Watashi no Karada wa Kanzen Muteki no you desu ne (AKA It Seems like My Body Is Completely Invincible).

The world where Mary was reincarnated was called the Kingdom of Aldia, a fantasy world where monsters and spirits lived with swords and magic. Mary is born in a fantasy world but tries to live without being unreasonable, but it is a sign that her body was completely invincible by lifting heavy luggage lightly and unintentionally cutting the handle of the cup. Appears from an early age.

Mary, who lost control of her power, began to wear clothes with the help of Tutte. As she is the daughter of the Marquis, she is always in the spotlight and it doesn't come true.

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