Up until episode five of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, after the water colour credits there's usually a post credit sting.

I can't tell if the changing room scene was the sting for that episode or if the sting was missing somehow in my region for Disney plus?

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You didn't miss it, and apparently no content was removed or cut resulting in its absence, it just didn't have one.

Valia then echoed what head writer/EP Jessica Gao previously told us, that “not every episode” gets a proper mid-credits scene.

She-Hulk Director on Episode 5's 'Missing' Bonus Scene, What Was Left on Cutting Room Floor


Head writer Jessica Gao tells EW that fans can expect to get a post-credits scene in almost every episode. "I think there's only one or two episodes that don't but nearly every episode has an end-credits scene," she says. "It's just a result of the fact that we're all comedy writers. If you give us a chance to do an extra joke, we're going to make an extra joke."

All the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law post-credits scenes (so far) explained

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