I read this book or half the book in middle school, roughly around 2012. I can't remember much about the plot, but the book had a purple cover with a picture of purple leather with golden corner frames and some variation spelling of the word magic as the title.

I know there's a boy who doesn't have an actual name, it's "Soldier [insert number here]", who somehow ends up with a very important girl in a swamp. That's how far I've gotten in the book. I've tried Google, Goodreads and even Yahoo. I know the book is real, but I just can't find it.


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This is Angie Sage's Magyk, the first book in the Septimus Heap series.

book cover

Relevant excerpts from the Wikipedia plot summary (the whole thing contains spoilers, obviously) that match your description:

Marcia whisks Jenna to her apartment in the Wizard Tower, where she can temporarily be kept safe. Marcia also finds a boy, part of the Young Army, buried in the snow and close to death. The boy, called Boy 412, is rescued by Marcia and is taken into her apartment to warm up. [...]

The Hunter, accompanied by his Pack, follows the group, heading for the Marram Marshes. [...] The group reaches the Marshes and must navigate through perilous bogs, but eventually reaches a safe cottage belonging to Zelda Heap, Silas' aunt, and a White Witch. Aunt Zelda keeps everyone safe and well-fed throughout the winter.

(emphasis mine)

Jenna is the very important girl (princess). Boy 412 is the Young Army boy soldier who becomes one of the main characters.

It's the first book in a series which I continued reading at least up to the fifth book. If you enjoy this one, you could have a fun ride ahead!

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    Nothing interesting to say about how I found this: I simply recognised it from the OP's description. A boy whose "name" is Soldier [insert number here] was already a big pointer for me, and all the other details just confirmed it.
    – Rand al'Thor
    Oct 12 at 16:37

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