At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder Jane whispers her latest and greatest catchphrase idea to Thor who pronounces it 'perfect'.

What was the catchphrase?

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Natalie Portman

In an interview, Portman states that she did say something to Hemsworth, but intends to keep it a secret.

...at the end of my time with Natalie Portman that our conversation veered into spoiler territory. Asking about Jane Foster’s final whisper to Thor, I inquired both if it was a specific line and about the experience on set, and Portman said, "Yeah, that scene was really, really fun to shoot, and yes, there is a specific line, but I will never reveal it."

Thor: Love And Thunder: What Did Jane Foster Whisper To Thor? Natalie Portman Discusses The Secret

Taika Waikiti

Waikiti has been customarily jokey about the line and refuses to commit to a serious answer.

Throughout the movie Jane is trying to come up with a cool catchphrase for herself. At the end there's a great moment where Jane whispers her Mighty Thor catchphrase to Thor. We don't hear it. Is there actually a catchphrase?

TW: It's like, does Bill Murray ever really say anything to Scarlett Johansson in "Lost in Translation"?

The moment is very much a hat tip to "Lost in Translation."

TW: Even when we were shooting it we were like, "Yeah, we're just taking this from 'Lost in Translation.'" But, I don't know what she said. I would like to think it's something like, "Your ass is still mine." [Laughs.] "Your ass will always be mine."

'Thor: Love and Thunder' director shares what he thinks Natalie Portman whispered to Chris Hemsworth in their final scene together

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