Or is that supposed to cinch it?

He appears to take the revelation rather calmly, doesn't he?


Opinions are divided, even among the people with immediate creative input:

  • Philip K. Dick wrote the character Deckard as a human in the original novel.
  • Hampton Fancher (original screenwriter) has said that he wrote the character Deckard as a human, but wanted the film to suggest the possibility that he may be a replicant.
  • Ridley Scott stated in an interview in 2002 that he considers Deckard a replicant.
  • Harrison Ford considered Deckard to be human, at least originally (see details on Wiki).

Possible "human" explanations are that Deckard talked about the dream off-screen and Gaff somehow learned about it, or that it's a coincidence and Gaff intended it to symbolize Rachel.

If Deckard is a replicant, he may long have suspected it himself and is therefore not shocked.


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