Apophis refers to Skaara and his symbiote Klorel as his "son".

I can think of two explanations:

  1. Apophis is a queen.
  2. Goa'uld are capable of sexual reproduction.

It would make a lot more sense for Goa'uld to have the option of reproducing sexually as they have genetic memories.

A queen can only pass on her memories to her offspring whereas in theory, sexual reproduction would combine the memories, and DNA of the offspring allowing for mixing memories (like a Harcissus except in the form a symbiote instead of a human).

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Male goa'uld reproduce with female goa'uld "queens" to produce offspring. Whether that's via a host body in the (ahem) usual human fashion, or by providing a sample of DNA to a queen outside a human host isn't immediately clear.

KLOREL: Ah, Teal'c, the traitor. I will take great pleasure in delivering his head to my father.

O'NEILL: He's not your father.

KLOREL: He is my father. He seeded the queen mother. He chose the host in which I will live out eternity. Apophis gave me life.

SG1: Within The Serpent's Grasp, Part I


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