I am looking to reunite my friend to his childhood book. He would have read it in 2010. It's apparently a series. A boy has telekinesis powers. Dr. Browler (not sure if that's the correct name) is the antagonist.

The boy escapes the facility and a vivid scene my friend remembers is that the boy uses his powers to remove wallets from people's pockets. When he returns the wallets, the people then give him money as a thank you. The boy needs the money to survive the streets as the doctor searches for him.

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It's Hidden Talents by David Lubar!

When thirteen-year-old Martin Anderson arrives at the Edgeview Alternative School, it's the end of the road. Literally. He's been expelled from every other school. Edgeview is the last stop. A warehouse for the system's rejects.

Martin fits right in.

Everyone has given up on Martin. Even Martin. But at Edgeview Martin falls in with a group of five outsiders who make the other Edgeview rejects appear gifted by comparison. He makes a remarkable each of his friends possesses a remarkable talent. One is telekinetic. Another is empathic. Others have psychic abilities. Martin thinks these talents make them special. They think it makes them freaks.

Martin has one shot to convince them otherwise.

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  • Could you elaborate on how this identifies the work? Other than one boy having telekinesis, nothing else seems to match...
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