In Rogue One, while Cassian and Jyn try to contact someone who could take them to Saw Gerrera, we can notice that Cassian is carrying a backpack with a big round device with a hose tied to it. The device looks apparently heavy and has a toroidal shape. What is the function of that device? Is it a kind of a comm device? I'm asking the question because I had the challenge to recreate the aforementioned device for one of my dioramas and I still have no clue about what I did build.

Still image from Star Wars Rogue One

Here a picture of Cassian's backpack I made for my diorama with the unknown device.

Picture of Cassian's backpack

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    I don't think it's described anywhere. It was just a greeble. That being said, it vaguely resembles a coolth backpack (I suspect more by coincidence than design), so maybe it's one of those
    – Valorum
    Commented Nov 13, 2022 at 5:45


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