I am looking for a book I vividly remember seeing in my school library when I was a child. I am assuming the book is a 90s/00s book. All I remember was the cover, and something nagged me that it was also sci-fi.

The cover has some sort of CGI baby head (or android head) face up at the bottom of the cover, and the backdrop is some sort of strangely colored sky/sky-esque pattern that I remember being violet/yellow, but I could be wrong.

I wish I could say more. I have been digging YA sci fi book lists for the past hour.


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Could this be one of the covers from 2001 A Space Odyssey or 2010: Odyssey 2, by Arthur C. Clarke? There are a couple of covers from 2001 that feature a baby head with a coloured background, and many editions from 2010 that feature the same cover.


The original cover for 2001 is (I think) this one with a man's face in a space-suit and coloured lights playing over the shield.

2010 Odyssey 2 cover:

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