It had at least two books, and three clones, the (third?) of which was "The Evil Twin" of the eponymous book / sequel. Could've been "The Evil Clone".

The mother of the first-seen clone gave up her eggs, was a surrogate, or something and that's how she gave birth to Clone 1.

Not sure where Clones 2 and 3 came from, but they end up living in the same town, and the "evil" one is evil because she's been committing crimes and the Clone 1 is being blamed for it.

It is not Marilyn Kaye's Replica series of 27 books, because that's why I want to find this other Teenage Girl Clone series.

I don't think the clones I'm looking for have superpowers? And it's not got any other sci-fi tech around. Just the clones being clones?

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Possibly the Clone series by Carol Matas?

Miranda has it all: beauty, brains, talent, perfect health. Then when day her vision gets a little blurry - and the doctor tells her it's the first symptom of a fatal disease. Her parents are prepared to fight for her life with everything they have: wealth, connections, determination. Miranda won't lose her life, or her sight. Instead, she'll begin to see things about her parents - about her life - that surprise her. Shock her. Scare her. Save her.

Clone series

The third book is The Dark Clone, which matches your memory of the title and it does indeed involve the heroine Miranda being blamed for crimes committed by her clone.

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    Yeppers, this is it! I had a fit of inspiration last night and went looking for "Dark Clone" in my local library's online catalogue and still nothing popped up!
    – Malady
    Nov 30, 2022 at 13:53

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