I remember reading it in the 90s.

The main story happens on an alien spaceship where human explorers find a relic.

I can't remember exactly what it was but what I do remember is that it offered great technological advancement but the characters were worried it might be a trap created to find and eliminate intelligent lifeforms.

An other big point was that the habitants of this world were all connected via a social media/virtual reality.

Finally, this one might be a red herring so if this particular point doesn't fit, please post your answer, I think the author was Canadian.

  • You say the story is set on an "alien spaceship" but then you say "habitants of this world were all connected via a social media/virtual reality". How are the "spaceship" and the "world" related? Dec 2, 2022 at 6:35

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While the description is vague this could be Robert Reed's Marrow

All the action takes place on an alien spaceship, The Great Ship. They find a relic, what actually appears to be a small planet hidden within the ship, and they worry it could be a trap of some sort.

The Ship has traveled the universe for longer than any of the near-immortal crew can recall, its true purpose and origins unknown. It is larger than many planets, housing thousands of alien races and just as many secrets.

Now one of those secrets has been discovered: at the center of the Ship is . . . a planet. Marrow. But when a team of the Ship's best and brightest are sent down to investigate, will they return with the origins of the Ship--or will they bring doom to everyone on board?

Robert Reed is American not Canadian.
And it was first published in 2000, later than the '90s estimate.

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