There is this story about a man of a tribe who just wanted to chill and relax but the women of the tribe wouldn't stop nagging. So grudgingly he set out to save the world even though all he wanted to do was drink beer.

Does anyone know what it is? Maybe David Brin postman?

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    It does sound like David Brin's Postman, specifically George Powhatan and his tribe
    – A.Steer
    Dec 6, 2022 at 5:01
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    That's my life summed up
    – Danny Mc G
    Dec 6, 2022 at 6:39
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    It may be a part of The Postman, but the character you described is not the main character and that is only a piece of the story, IIRC
    – Basya
    Dec 6, 2022 at 13:42
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    @DannyMcG - glad to hear that you are saving the world :-)
    – Basya
    Dec 6, 2022 at 13:43
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    @DannyMcG --- Could you start by getting the UK's railways working again? Dec 6, 2022 at 14:33


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