We know some Jedi use red Lightsabers, but I'd like to know who all of them are.

I know Adi Gallia originally used a red blade.

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Adi Gallia was the only explicit example of a Jedi wielder of a red lightsaber that was not Dark/Sith-turned.

The reason there were very Jedi with red lightsabers was because Jedi had issues not with the color, but with the technology: most red crystals were synthetic ones, and their creation was mostly possible using Dark Side of the Force.

However, natural red crystals also occurred, though rarely, and those COULD be used by Jedi:

Not all red lightsaber crystals were synthetic. Adegan crystals featuring a red coloration were not unheard of, Darth Vader utilizing such a crystal in one of his lightsabers, and red-hued crystals were known to form naturally in the Crystal Caves on Dantooine, along with blue, green, yellow and violet crystals. However, unlike the other crystals, the red crystals from Dantooine were typically found in unhatched kinrath eggs.

enter image description here

(source: http://iharthdarth.livejournal.com/2867.html)


Hooded Figure: Save your wife.
Brat: mmmm.

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... deep silence

Hooded figure: ... red lightsaber?

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