It was a feature, not an episode. Rented it repeatedly on VHS from a place near my house. This was around 1986.

It was a live action hero-vs-baddies, and looking back, it was pretty Power Ranger-y in costuming. There may actually have been more than the one main hero - like a team - but I'm not sure. (I feel like I remember a scene where the guys "suited up" and maybe there were 3 of them? Might've only been the one. Also seem to recal the suit the hero(s) wore were mainly white and silver.) Full head mask when suited up, too.

Also, there might have been something going on with a volcano?

Just a silly movie, but I wonder if anyone remembers it. I'd watch it again, if I knew the first place to look for it.


Update: It's not Ghostbusters.

  • Ultraman? Wore a white/silver (and red) suit, but was supposed to be a robot, not a guy in a suit. Definite "power ranger" costuming. Otherwise, kind of a stretch... – The Photon Nov 24 '12 at 18:55
  • Hmm, that's getting alot warmer. I'm just tracking it down to preview it better. If nothing else, this is the right direction. Had no idea "Tokusatsu" was a thing, so I've got all kinds of 80s toplists I can browse, now. If I could filter out the results that all look exactly like the Power Rangers, it would go faster, lol This is going better than I thought - thanks for the help! – Penedono Nov 24 '12 at 21:41
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  • @Otis Unfortunately, according to site policy we can't close this question unless the OP comes back to confirm that the answer is correct. – Rand al'Thor May 22 '16 at 17:14

Is it Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future?

enter image description here

Even though this was a TV series, I remember renting this on VHS as a kid and thinking it was a movie.

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