I’m looking for a book that I read when I was younger. It was a 90’s horror anthology book. The particular story that I’m looking for was about a group of teenage boys. They go to a local video rental store to rent a snuff movie. Whilst there, they come across another young boy who goes back to the house with them to watch the movie.

It transpires that the woman killed in the movie is his mother and he is a ghost.

If anyone could tell me the name of the story I would be very grateful.

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"Video Nasty", by Phillip Pullman. The anthology I have containing it is "Ghost Stories", chosen by Robert Westall, published 1988 by Kingfisher Books

Key quotes to support it:

[The boy:] "I always watch it. That's the only time I see her. I like seeing my mum." ... "They killed her and then they set fire to the house. It all burnt up, the baby and all. That was me, that was, that baby"

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