Which broom company makes the Firebolt?

THE FIREBOLT: This state-of-the-art racing broom sports a streamlined, superfine handle of ash, treated with a diamond-hard polish and hand-numbered with its own registration number. Each individually selected birch twig in the broomtail has been honed to aerodynamic perfection, giving the Firebolt unsurpassable balance and pinpoint precision. The Firebolt has an acceleration of 0–150 miles an hour in ten seconds and incorporates an unbreakable braking charm. Price on request.

Prisoner of Azkaban - page 43 - Bloomsbury - chapter 4, The Leaky Cauldron

According to Quidditch Through the Ages, the Nimbus Racing Broom Company has been the top racing broom manufacturer basically since the company opened in 1967, but QTTA makes no mention of whether Nimbus manufactured the Firebolt.

Is the Firebolt a Nimbus broom or is it manufactured by another broom company?

★ An answer from canon, any J.K. Rowling interviews, or Pottermore would be great!

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The Firebolt was first developed by Randolph Spudmore around 1993.

This is quoted from http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Firebolt

Don't know how cannon it is,but it does say it's based on one of Pottermores latest updates.There is nothing about manufacturer though,but the content insinuates that Nimbus was not the manufacturer.

Ok I quick google for Randoplh Spudmore reveals he was the son of Able Spudmore of Ellerby and Spudmore a Black Forest broomstick manufacturing company.Though it only says they released the Tinderblast and the Swiftstick.Nothing explicitly says they released the Firebolt though.

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As quoted in the wikipedia article

The Firebolt remains the fastest broom in the world, having surpassed the previous record holder, the Nimbus 2001 (which Draco Malfoy owns), and its price is so high it is only available upon request.

So seems it is a custom made broomstick rather than one of a brand.

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    If it's custom why is it standard for the Quidditch World Cup? And that still doesn't answer who manufactures it. Commented Mar 20, 2013 at 5:31
  • That wording is consistent with it being a model of broom that can be purchased commercially. Being referred to in the singular doesn't mean there's only one. People refer to products (like cars) in this way all the time. Commented Mar 20, 2013 at 7:15
  • I think the broom can be purchased commercially. The "available on request" refers to the price: in Prisoner the students admire a Firebolt in a shop window in Diagon Alley where instead of a figure, "price available on request" is written.
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  • I never really thought about it until i read this question. As far as i know, it was never stated who made the firebolt. I always just assumed it was made by a group of expert broommakers. For all we know it was made by the Firebolt Company, or someone called Firebolt. Maybe it's made by Quality Quidditch Supplies, the shop where harry first seen it.
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    I think you are misinterpreting an ambiguous pronoun - "its price is so high it is only available on request" - I believe the "it" here refers to the broom's price, not the broom itself, so this quote does not suggest the broom is custom made.
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The Firebolt was developed in secret, and is still made is small quantities. http://pottermore.wikia.com/wiki/Firebolt

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