People live in barricaded villages because wild dogs are a problem. The government 'taxes' men to dig in ruins, trying to find a particular giant computer.

After this young man starts his quest, two large greyhound-type dogs join him. He names them Followree & Followro, male & female. At some point they stand up on their hind legs and prophecy. He tells a myth 'explaining' the civil collapse: "That little man Atom was broken in two, his head separated from his body", and there were consequences from that. He came across a black Mandelbrot Buddha-type figure that he understood was a powerful Female force or symbol.

I do not remember the ending, but I was interested in the author who did not write a lot but had another book with (?) Gurdjieff-type cosmic levels of consciousness (I think). It was probably published in the 1980s or earlier.


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Sounds like you're thinking of Riddley Walker (1980) by Russell Hoban.

From Goodreads:

In the far distant future, the country laid waste by nuclear holocaust, twelve-year-old Riddley Walker tells his story in a language as fractured as the world in which he lives. As Riddley steps outside the confines of his small world, he finds himself caught up in intrigue and a frantic quest for power, desperately trying to make sense of things.

As detailed in the synopsis above, the story is set in a post-apocalyptic future and features a twelve-year-old male protagonist, named Riddley, on a quest to make sense of things.

Riddley speaks in broken English, and according to this quote provided within a Goodreads user review, he meets a pair of dogs, named Folleree & Folleroo, that stand up on their hind legs and talk like men.

“7. Thay dogs stud up on thear hyn legs & taukin lyk men. Folleree sed, Lukin for the 1 you wil aul ways fyn thay 2. Folleroo sed, They 2 is twice as bad as the 1.”

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