I'm currently rereading Come hunt an Earthman by Philip E High (published in 1973)

I've noticed throughout the book that the term "outworlder" is used to describe an alien. I know I've saw this term used occasionally (but very rarely) in what are deemed Golden Age SF books.

My question is:- What's the first usage of outworlder in a Science Fiction story?


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The earliest citation for the word outworlder (defined as "someone from an outworld; an alien; an outsider") in The Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction is from "A Matter of Size", a novella by Harry Bates in Astounding Stories, April 1934, available at the Internet Archive:

The out-worlder smiled. He sat on a chair and removed one sandal, exposing a foot such as no man on Earth had ever yet possessed. The big toe was very large, and was flanked by another only a little bit smaller. The three outer toes were vestigial. Here was the foot of the human race, thousands of years in the future.

The HDSF has even older citations for the related word outworld as a noun or an adjective.

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