I first watched this animation on Youtube several years ago; 4-5 is my best guess.

What I remember:

  • The girl wore yellow and had either blue hair or eyes; or both
  • The boy was an assailant trying to kill the girl
  • On a ship, later an island, and then a ship again
  • Vibrant colors
  • Something really sad. I cried hysterically, I don't remember why. This is also the main reason why I am trying to find this animation
  • I remember the boy could shift into a shark
  • The girl was somewhere between 3-6 years old, and the boy was more teenager

Is there an animation that fits this description?

Edit: I think the boy's name was some color. I don't remember which color though.

  • It's not the The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl? Live action I think, rather than animated, but a lot of SX in there, that might give the impression of animation.
    – bob1
    Commented Feb 5, 2023 at 8:59
  • @bob1 No, that isn't it. It is a close match though . . . Commented Feb 5, 2023 at 19:10
  • 1
    is it a 3d or 2d animation?
    – jo1storm
    Commented Feb 7, 2023 at 8:54
  • 1
    @jo1storm 3-d animation Commented Feb 7, 2023 at 15:07
  • Check this one, it is from 4 years ago: youtube.com/watch?v=E2-nw0tBX9M
    – jo1storm
    Commented Mar 2, 2023 at 13:55

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I think this is one of the animations for "Honor of Kings".

  • The boy is called Lan, which means "blue" in Chinese
  • The girl is Cai Wenji (I think that is what she is called, I can't hear well though)
  • The colors aren't more vibrant than in other DongHua animations like Soul Land, but are brighter than many of the other animations
  • Cai Wenji is around 3-6 years old, Lan is more of a teenager
  • It's first set on a ship where Lan is trying to kill Cai Wenji, then they land on an island when the ship explodes; when they're attacked by what appears to be pirates, they escape onto a ship once more

Honor Kings, New Hero "Lan"

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