I recently watched the Alice miniseries that aired on SciFi Network / Syfy back in 2009. I know that...

Her time spent in Wonderland amounted only to an hour in Earth time.

However, how long was her stay in Wonderland-time? Over the course of the miniseries/film, we see one night, and The Queen mentions that Jack has been there for three days. At best, I can puzzle out that maybe a week has passed.

My real question, then: What's the time dilation ratio between Earth time and Wonderland time?

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The time differential between the real world and Wonderland is wildly inconsistent.

The whole of the first episode, representing some 4-8 weeks of Wonderland time seems to have only taken around one hour in the real world. We can therefore approximate a time differential of around 1000:1

By comparison, Jack spends 6 weeks in the real world (which should equate to over a hundred years of subjective time in Wonderland) whereas only a few months seems to have passed, suggesting a ratio closer to 1:20 or less.

Later, Alice returns to our world mere hours after she left, but when the Hatter shows up the following morning (subjectively less than a couple of weeks later) he says "Finally!" implying that he's been waiting much, much longer. On the flip side, Alice's father seems to have aged no more than he would have in our world despite facing a time differential of over a thousand years.

TV tropes refers to this kind of inconsistency as "Narnia Time"


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