The manga was in color, I believe. At the beginning the main character is a guy who is trying to get help because his sister was poisoned, but he gets stabbed by his companions and goes back in time to his younger self. It was set in an apocalypse era and I think his hair color was black.

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  • What sort of time period was the story set in? And do you recall the hair colour of any of the main characters? Mar 31, 2023 at 16:21
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Endgame Restart by Rose Studio

Yang Fan saw his younger sister die in front of him and his girlfriend betrayed him. But he got lucky and was reborn before the Apocalypse. In the previous life, he was humiliated and betrayed. But this time, he clenches the superpower ring and says: "Only the strongest one deserves to survive, and I am the strongest one!"

Image of Yang Fan cradling his sister

Yang Fan stabbed

Ysng Fan reborn

Found with a search for manga sister poisoned stabbed reborn

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