The Batcycle is pretty common in canon, but it's always been a motorcycle. I can't find any references to Batman riding a completely unpowered bicycle (even in the campy Golden Age/Adam West era). Has it happened?


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I give you Batman #29 (June 1945), with Batman and Robin on penny-farthings:

Robin (foreground left) and Batman (rear, right) are riding on penny-farthings; Robin is too short for his and can't reach the pedals, but is riding no-hands nonetheless.  Batman is riding with his right hand and flashing an "ok" sign.

Note that like the cover of World's Finest Comics #54 (props to RoamingShroob), the depicted scene seems to be a gag cover that doesn't appear in the issue itself.

Robin labours to power a three-seat bicycle, while Batman (second) and Superman (third) sit with their arms and legs crossed enjoying the ride

The title page for the story "City without Guns" (Detective Comics #196, 1953, reprinted in Batman #223, 1970) has an image of Batman and Robin riding penny-farthings on a London dock, but once again the image doesn't appear within the content of the story.

Batman and Robin ride penny-farthings down a dock towards two crooks who are shooting at them

I don't really understand the fascination with penny-farthings, but Batman rides a weird backwards one (with Robin in some kind of sidecar) in "The Famous First Crimes" (World's Finest Comics #25, November 1946); this one appears in several frames of the actual story:

Page 66 from World's Finest Comics #25; in frame #4 Batman jumps from the seat of a sidecar into the saddle of a backwards penny-farthing (small wheel in front).  In frame 5 Robin jumps from the sidecar onto an antique railway engine, and in frame 6 Batman follows him.

I did find an unattributed image of Batman fighting crooks from a regular bicycle, but I don't remember this, and I haven't been able to track it down yet.

Batman speeds towards the forward left on a white bicycle; with each hand he punches a criminal saying "Look-no hands!"

But it does seem that yes, Batman has been depicted riding a bicycle.

(There is also a scene at the start of Batman: Black and White #5 (2021) where Bruce Wayne and Damian are riding mountain bikes to case out the site for a later operation, but I don't include that since it's not Batman riding the bicycle.)

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    Batman is also shown riding a tandem bicycle with both Robin and Superman on the cover of World's Finest Comics Vol. 1 No. 54. Commented Apr 14, 2023 at 12:57
  • Can't imagine Batman '66 could have made its entire TV run without ever putting him on a bicycle, but all attempts to google this are getting swamped by hits on the Batcycle. People seem to really be enamored with that thing.
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    The backwards penny farthing is probably base don the American Star but the sidecar is probably an addition. High-wheel tricycles also existed (with 2 big wheels)
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In the 1960s series, Batman hitches a ride on the back of the Alf-cycle (as Alfred pedals) in The Catwoman Goeth:

"Stay tuned..." Alfred pedaling while Batman stands on the back

See also this clip:

Bonus: Here is a behind-the-scenes photo of Adam West (in a Batman shirt) on a bicycle, next to Yvonne Craig. IMDb has several more in black and white.

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