NOTE: Solved and Updated I've added what does not match the TV-Show in the topic, noted as "correction" or "false"

This might be a tricky one but I'll do my best once again.

Story (fragments I remember) The film (correction: TV-mini series), which most likely was released direct-to-VHS around the mid-90s (also the time I watched it), takes place on Earth (a US city environment) and include some kind of aliens/otherworldly beings who control humans by 1: throwing some sort and bio-mechanical mask (false: it's a parasite that latches on to the face like a facehugger from the Alien franchise although they are indeed thrown at one point) on the victims faces (kind of "launched" like projectiles from their palms) and then 2: sort of welding or activating the masks with something that looked like stick with a light on it if remember correctly. The masks cover the nose and mouth of the human victims who then turn into drones (think the Borg from the Star Trek franchise) - the latter is false

The masks were dark in color (correction: light, but the breathing masks the aliens used were dark so I must've mixed these two up), maybe aesthetically inspired by H.R Giger's work on Alien (correction: only slightly similar design-wise)

Scenes from the film: At one point, the camera (possibly binocular POV from the protagonist) pans across the side of a parked bus at night, showing several humans wearing these alien masks (correction: the beings with masks were aliens) At the end of the film, I think the main character used a mask against a villain but I'm not entirely sure (false) The film partly or mostly takes place at night in an urban environment (correction partly at night)

Production year: likely mid-90's

Genre: definitely sci-fi taking place in in the 90's as well.

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After hours of research I managed to solve it! It was a TV mini-series called The Invaders from 1995.

Plot (from the IMDB link in the title) A man named Nolan Wood tries to stop an invasion of Earth by aliens disguised as humans.

Full show (YouTube link)

Update: Certain scenes matched my memories

Camera POV on the bus with the aliens and indoctrinated humans, at night enter image description here

Parasite "mask" thrown/launched from the palm of a disguised alien enter image description here

And activated/injected (I remembered it as welded) with a device with a stick and a light on it. enter image description here

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