The book is most likely preteen/teen fiction. The setting wasn't quite modern world but more of a magical/scifi world.

Near the end of the book, the protagonist (who I think was a really young girl, think preteen or even younger) uses a crystal/stone (maybe red?) to travel back in time. Once they reach the start of the world, they actually go to the future and keeping traveling back in time until they arrive back in their original time.

They also dropped a man (who was the enemy?) in a time period with dinosaurs, and when the man asked how to use the crystal, the protagonist explained the process as one where they have to imagine opening an eye.

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  • @DavidW I don't remember any character names or the cover art. It is an English book, and I read it about 10 years ago in America. I faintly remember that it was a pretty old book back then too, but I'm not entirely too sure, could be mixing up multiple books. Commented May 8, 2023 at 0:35

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I found the book, it was Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure (2004) by Georgia Byng.

Molly Moon meets . . . Molly Moon? In this third book in the wildly popular New York Times bestselling series, mesmerizing orphan Molly Moon and her fabulouspug, Petula, are off to India, where they discover a new twist in the potential power of time travel!

enter image description here

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