I was reading the warhammer 40k wiki page of the primarch when I saw this table:

Legion Number Primarch Legion Name World of Rediscovery Date of Rediscovery
XVIth Horus Luna Wolves Cthonia 801.M30
VIth Leman Russ Space Wolves Fenris 819.M30
Xth Ferrus Manus Iron Hands Medusa 824.M30
IIIrd Fulgrim Emperor's Children Chemos 830.M30
XVIIIth Vulkan Salamanders Nocturne 832.M30
VIIth Rogal Dorn Imperial Fists Inwit 835.M30
XIIIth Roboute Guilliman Ultramarines Macragge 837.M30
XVth Magnus the Red Thousand Sons Prospero 840.M30
IXth Sanguinius Blood Angels Baal 843.M30
Ist Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Caliban 846.M30
IVth Perturabo Iron Warriors Olympia 849.M30
XIVth Mortarion Death Guard Barbarus 854.M30
XVIIth Lorgar Word Bearers Colchis 857.M30
Vth Jaghatai Khan White Scars Mundus Planus 865.M30
VIIIth Konrad Curze Night Lords Nostramo 896.M30
XIIth Angron World Eaters Nuceria 899.M30
XIXth Corvus Corax Raven Guard Deliverance 922.M30
XXth Alpharius Omegon Alpha Legion Unknown 981.M30

I was wondering what some primarch did during this time. In particular Angron and Corvax who were found particulary late into the crusade but were not in charge of the planets they were dropped off. Was Angron a gladiator for almost a hundred years? Did Corvax stayed in prison for all of this time? Or did the warp dropped him way later than the others?

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Per Deliverance Lost and some other sources, Corvus was raised on the moon Deliverance then leading a rebellion against the enslaver technocrats on the planet below. He managed to wrap up that situation via dropping things (either rocks or nukes I can't remember) out of the sky onto the technocrats' cities about the same time the Emperor found him.

For Angron (primarily in After Desh'ea but from other sources like his primarch book etc) he was a gladiator for decades and then led a gladiator rebellion against the "High Rider" civilzation that enslaved him. However unlike Corax his rebellion wasn't successful, with Big E teleporting Angron away from his army just before their disastrous final battle against the High Riders that led to his army's annihilation. Which is the root cause of Angron's.... dislike... of the Emperor and the Imperium.

Based on the (very sketchy) timeline you can piece together from Corax arriving on-planet and Big E arriving only a decade or so passed. So presumably Corax arrived "late" compared to other primarchs found earlier. The same thing might be true of Angron though he seems to have spent a lot longer as a gladiator and fighting his slave rebellion than Corax did as a prisoner/rebel leader.

  • I will just add that Angron spent a long time apparently on Terra where the Emperor investigated the Butchers Nails and getting them removed. Angron also had that whole "therapy session" with his legions senior officers while he figured out which one was ging to be his commander :). RE Corax, he was discovered 10 years before the Emperor found him, there are suggestions that he was in some form of stasis, possibly for decades, before he was found in the middle of the asteroid he was on. Also, while the Emperor discovered him, he left him to continue his task and didn't tell the legion.
    – Richard C
    Dec 20, 2023 at 11:32

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