• Kids movie from early 2000s, was quite bad animation ( similar to Happily N’ever after 2006)
  • Original language was English, watched it in the UK
  • Definitely involved some type of ostrich racing or people rode ostriches (seem to remember it was the king or the queen who rode them)
  • I remember Rumplestiltskin featuring in it or the name of the movie was a play off the word or something
  • Movie is not Nausicaa of The Valley of the wind
  • There was a scene in a big factory
  • I remember it being quite creepy
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    Hi. I'm guessing you're the same user who posted a question that appears to be asking about the same animated movie several hours ago. If that's correct, please merge your new account with the previous one by following the instructions provided here, so that you can edit these additional details into your original question, rather than abandoning your original question and posting a duplicate instead. May 22 at 12:15
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    Incidentally, Happily N'Ever After features 3D animation, not 2D. If you're unsure about the difference, 3D animation involves 3D, computer-generated models, as in Toy Story (1995), while 2D animation involves flat, hand-drawn images, as in The Lion King (1994). May 22 at 12:29
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    Although, The Lion King is slightly famous for its CG-generated herds for the stampede scene... :-P
    – FuzzyBoots
    May 22 at 20:51


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