Trying to find this comic/manhwa, I believe. I read it long time ago and am trying to find it since the author was done.

I’m very hazy on it but it starts off a girl/woman being reincarnated as a concubine for a guy. She breaks out and lands on a cart, where she meets a prince/Duke (I think) and does a fake wedding so she doesn’t have to be a concubine. She's a very strong woman that’s actually a blood demon (you find out near the end or where I stopped). All the women look up to the main character and she raises all her maids and women she saved as a combat team.

That’s pretty much what I remember. Hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about.

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  • Hi, welcome to the site. Do you recall the hair colour of the female lead? Also, did she have any distinctive powers, skills or weapons you can tell us about? May 25 at 12:29


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