In Avatar (2009) extended version, Jake, who is in his wheelchair, meets Trudy in a large hall with weapons:

Trudy: Hey, Wainfleet! Get it done! We bounce at zero-nine.

Wainfleet: Yeah, I'm on it, capitaine!

Trudy: Vine strike's still loose.

Jake: You guys are packing some heavy gear.

What does it mean, "Vine strike's still loose"?

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Trudy's Scorpion Gunship has 'vine-strike cutters' designed to cut through vines that get in the way of the craft. She is presumably referring to one of these being loose.

enter image description here

An earlier version of the official "Pandorapedia" site has this to say on the subject.

... ballistic ceramics and carbon-nanotube composites in the rotor duct-rings [that] protect the rotors...

and that

... These ducts are quite robust, and can withstand significant impacts. They also prevent the rotor blade tips from contacting obstacles when the aircraft is operating in complex environments. This makes the aircraft ideal for flight ops amongst the dangling vines of the Pandoran rainforest and amongst the floating mountains. Special “vine-strike” cutters have been added to the leading edges of the airframe and the rotor ducts. These guide any impacting vines into a cutting notch, much like the wire-strike kits which have been employed on rotorcraft on Earth for two centuries.

Note that the article on the current version of the site doesn't carry this information.

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