From memory, the first book concerns a girl who is kinda weird but strangely attractive. Men find her irresistible and she bears only daughters. Her offspring are sterile and she is basically a human queen bee or mole rat. She lives for many years and the story is set in our world. I think that she lived in a system of tunnels with her brood.

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Stephen Baxter's Destiny's Children series

Each book deals in some way with the future evolution of humans, both physically and sociologically. For example, Coalescent discusses the ability of humans living with limited space and resources to evolve a society that resembles insect hives.

From the wiki page for Coalescent:

The Order is a family of eusocial humans that evolved from the intense pressures to survive the various conquests of Rome over the centuries. He cites naked mole rats as an example of eusocial behaviour in mammals. He explains how Regina's three rules result in a "genetic mandate for eusociality." He calls the Order a "human hive" and labels them "Coalescents" — a new kind of human.

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    Thanks. You’re spot on.
    – Tony
    Jun 7 at 7:15
  • I really should read the last one sometime
    – Andrew
    Jun 7 at 18:44

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