1. The main character's main attire was a blue jacket and black or some other dark coloured pants.
  2. Usually battles that happened are 1v1, where each person would put something like a launcher and a vehicle on a table, then they would rip a ripcord out of the vehicle and slam a button which releases the vehicle. The vehicle would go through a portal, then a giant portal would open the monster/creature would come out, then they fight.
  3. The setting for the show usually happens at rough terrain looking areas, like massive rocks or near a hill.
  4. It aired on Toonami.
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Is this BeyWarriors: Cyborg (2014–2015)...?

The show takes place in the abandoned planet of Teslandia, where groups of teenage Beybattlers use the Beyraiderz to summon Cyborg Warriors. Now a war ensues for the Cyborg Warriors to collect tokens and restore Teslandia's beauty.

enter image description here

  • The main character fits your description wears a blue jacket and dark trousers.
  • The battles involve each participant pulling a ripcord and then hitting a button a device which sends a miniature vehicle racing along a table toward their opponent's vehicle. Before the vehicles collide, they disappear into little circular portals, and then larger portals appear in the sky, from which emerge giant, cyborg beastmen-like warriors, which do battle with one another.
  • In the first episode at least, the battles take place outdoors in a rocky, Arizona-like region.
  • According to the Wikipedia page, the English-dubbed version of the show aired on Toonami Asia and Toonami India.

An English dubbed version started airing on Toonami Asia and Toonami India on October 3, 2015.

You can view one of the battles taking place at around the 4:55 mark in the video below.

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    The ripcord thing had to be a Beyblade franchise thingamajig
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