I'm searching for a comic super hero, that is not from DC or Marvel universe.

I once read a collection book (in German) some 20+ years ago. It was not originally German, but translated.

The hero in question is male, wears as red, white and blue costume (at least in my memory), works as a furniture mover, has some financial trouble, and is member of a super hero group of 4 maybe 5 members.

If I remember correctly the hero has the suffix '-man' in his alter ego name. I don't know if 'star' was a part of his name, or part of the names of the other members, or part of the name of the hero group. But I'm 50% sure, 'star' was part of one of the aforementioned.

He has superior physical strength, but couldn't fly (maybe).

The hero group had male and female members.

The hero was maybe like a copy of Captain America without the shield.

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    Jul 13, 2023 at 11:00

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This is The Shield, AKA Bill Higgins.

He's a removal man by trade, dresses like Captain America, is a member of the 'Mighty Crusaders' team and wasn't originally a Marvel or DC character (he appeared in comics published by Archie Comics).

enter image description here


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