In the Secret Invasion TV series finale

When Giah and Gravik fight with each other they use the power of different Superheroes and Villains.

What are the superheroes and villains whose power is shown as being used in the finale?

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List of Powers seen being used by Gravik and Giah during the Fight

1. Extremis (Self Healing)

enter image description here

2. Arm of Groot

3. Arm of Abomination and Ears of Abomination

enter image description here

4. Arm of Drax

5. Ghost's Power to Phase through Object

enter image description here

6. Arm of Korg

enter image description here

7. Frost Beast Arm (Ice Arm)

8. Full Power of Captian Marvel

enter image description here

9. Arm of Thanos

10. Powers of Mantis

11. Telekinetic Powers of Ebony Maw

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    There is also power of Hulk
    – codeczar
    Jul 29, 2023 at 18:13

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