In the animated movie Justice League: Warworld there are 3 different worlds are shown:

These worlds were created by Martian Manhunter as a projection.

One is the wild west Jonah Hex world, another is a world of Warlord, and the third is a black-and-white world.

Where do these worlds relate to in comics, or are they created solely for the purpose of the movie?

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The Jonah Hex world is most likely a throwback to the similarly named comic character, who is an antihero who lived during the "cowboy" time period.

A drawing of Jonah Hex. He is somewhat of a cliché cowboy character, with big coat, dirty clothing, leather boots, a hat, and two revolvers. A defining characteristic of Jonah Hex is also his disfigured face.

The world of Warlord, on the other hand, would be for the similarly named character, which according to Wikipedia is a mix of Tarzan and Prince Valiant.

A drawing of Warlord, a character with somewhat more "savage" clothing. He is mostly naked, save for some pieces of armours, such as a helmet, a skull shaped pauldron on his right shoulder, some metallic boots, some metallic armbands, protection for his private parts and a belt, as well as a very basic torso harness.

No idea yet for the black and white world, although it kind of fits the film noir genre, considering the settings are supposed to be in 1950s.

Also, the name of the movie is Warworld, and the main villain is Mongul, which is also a throwback to the comics, because Mongul is the lord and tyrant of a planet called Warworld.

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    I'm not entirely sure why the answer was downvoted. The question asked whether or not the worlds/settings of the movie were created solely for it, to which I answered that they're all based on existing concept. I wish I got an explanation so that I knew what could be improved.
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