There isn't a lot of talking in the series, but at one point the spheres appear to be talking to each other. It is difficult for me to make out what they are saying, if anything, so I was wondering if they are talking and if so has anyone made a transcript?


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Google found this for me on Reddit:

4:03 Orb1 "Who is here?"

4:05 Orb2 "I have failed you, brother" (couldn't stop the marines or corrupt them)

4:08 Orb1 "We have all failed" (he's captured)

4:11 Orb1 "The Astartes defy our touch" (they have a hard time controlling them)

4:15 Orb2 "You must return... Break your seal!" (returning from the warp to "normal" universe and get free from the inquisitors seal)

4:19 Orb1 "Impossible we'll never survive!"

4:23 Orb2 "You must take the alpha" (the inquisitor since he's the highest ranked and has psyker powers he is the "Alpha" if the Daemon controls him he has the entire ship.)

Orb 2 is the spiked one. Orb 1 is being sealed by the inquisitor. The spike are a communication device to force link them within the warp so the inquisitor can listen to their conversation.

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