In Transformers G1 continuity's (80s TV show and associated feature-length movie) "Transformers: The Movie", did the Autobot shuttle have a name? This is the shuttle where

Brawn, Prowl, Ratchet, and Ironhide died.


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The shuttle / The Autobot shuttle

The film's script simply refers to it as "the shuttle". It doesn't appear to have a name beyond this description.

Ironhide and Prowl sit at the controls, running a series of pre-launch tests.

IRONHIDE: Will do, Spike.

The 1986 comic adaptation refers to it as "The Autobot shuttle"

enter image description here

And in the film's official adaptation, read here

In the Autobot shuttle, Prowl and Ironhide sat at the controls. Cybertron was dropping behind fast when, without warning, a section of the shuttle wall exploded under a blast of laser fire

In the 2006 (IDW) comic it's back to being "the shuttle"

enter image description here

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