I the read this manhwa when I was younger and can't remember the name and would love to re-read it.

The manhwa is about the female lead who is reborn as a character from a book that she had read in her previous life. She was reincarnated as the evil aunt whose destined to die by her nephew (the male lead) when he gets older and she wants change the ending by befriending her nephew.

  • Hi, welcome to the site. In roughly which year did you read this? Also, do you recall the hair colour of the female lead? Commented Aug 7, 2023 at 13:00
  • Are there any other details you can remember? Reincarnating as an evil character that is related to the main characters of the original story is an extremely common setup in manhwa. And being nice to the main characters is usually how they try to survive. Do you remember any details like the aunt/nephew's age or appearance, any other characters, the circumstances of their life, or the specific ways the aunt tries to be nice to the nephew?
    – qazmlpok
    Commented Aug 7, 2023 at 13:23
  • For example, are the aunt and nephew both blonde, living in a village, until a black-haired duke (the male lead of the manhwa) comes to pick up her nephew because he's secretly nobility? Just a wild guess - in that particular story I don't believe the aunt dies to the nephew.
    – qazmlpok
    Commented Aug 7, 2023 at 13:25
  • Hi qazmlpok, your example is actually pretty much how the start of the story goes 🤣 unfortunately I don't really remember much as it was such a long time ago. I can't remember hair colour or names or if the man that come to collect his nephew was a duke but I do believe the nephew was nobility or something similar. Sorry I'm not much help
    – Raiwen
    Commented Aug 7, 2023 at 14:11
  • @Raiwen - In roughly which year did you read this? I believe qazmlpok was referring to The Villainess Flips the Script, but that was only published in 2021. Commented Aug 7, 2023 at 14:18

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The name is "Its time to change the genre", I got the answer from reddit while I was also looking for it

  • The OP stated in a comment that they read the manhwa they were looking for between 2012 and 2016. It's Time to Change the Genre AKA The Villainess Flips the Script was only released in 2021, so it seems unlikely that that's the correct answer to this question. That said, you could improve this answer by editing it to more clearly explain how it matches the OP's description of the manhwa they were looking for. Commented May 5 at 8:10

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