I’ve been looking around for a collection of short stories that contained one in particular. A brother and sister discover a book of magic in their grandparents’ basement. The girl begins using the spells to torment her brother, eventually turning into a large bug to fly after him. He swats it to the ground and stumbles, crushing / smearing it on the floor. He runs up the stairs, trying hard to forget what he saw when the spell began to wear off.

It’s such a horrible image / scenario that left a lasting impression on my adolescent mind, I need to find this story lol. I read it in the late 80’s so it isn’t new; it might even have been in a literature schoolbook! Has anybody heard of this story?

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I believe it was the story A Spell for Jonathan by Thomas F. Monteleone. I read it in the anthology Horror Tales: Spirits, Spells & the Unknown (1974).

I found another website that showed the illustration from the book that helped me confirm my memory. The cat was the culprit.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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